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Gain Control of Your Service Delivery

LANDESK’s ITSM solution helps you gain control of your service delivery by bringing together people, process, and technology to orchestrate your IT operations and system performance. LANDESK ITSM offers all the functionality that you need to maintain an enterprise class service management operation plus it places your service management operation in the wider IT operations management environment. Through actionable intelligence, deep integration, and insights it delivers context to support business decisions that affect your operations and offers more opportunities for customer service improvement.

Key Benefits

  • Password Management
    LANDESK Password Central empowers end users to reset and synchronize their own passwords across multiple business applications and services without contacting the service desk. It transfers the power of self-service password management to the end user with a simple reset capability. 

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  • Self Service

    Empower End Users

    The more organizations rely on IT for business advantage, the more employees rely on their service and support organization to remain productive.

    LANDESK Self Service assists you in meeting end user expectations for anytime, anywhere access, enhancing customer satisfaction and improving your service delivery. Without reducing the quality of support end users gain access to a variety of service desk facilities and resources from the desktop or a mobile device.

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  • Service Catalogue

    Faster Service Delivery

    Employees have raised expectations when it comes to delivery of their services. They expect services to be easier and faster to obtain where and when they need them.

    LANDESK Service Catalogue is instrumental in enhancing the experience of requesting services meeting, end user expectations for anytime anywhere access to services, enhancing customer satisfaction and improving your service delivery.

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  • Mobile ITSM

    Stay Connected

    The mobile explosion has changed the way people communicate, work, and interact. End users expect to be able to use their mobile devices to contact IT with the same consumer style experience that they would have at home.

    Similarly, staying connected and still being able to work while away from the service desk environment is no longer a nice to have for service desk staff today, it’s a necessity to maintain productivity.

    LANDESK IT Service Management solutions for Mobile working – LANDESK Mobile Web Desk, LANDESK Mobile Self Service — assist you in improving service delivery by providing greater access to the service desk that boosts productivity and enhances customer satisfaction.

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  • Social ITSM

    Collaborative Working

    Social media tools are progressively becoming part of business and IT processes—and the service desk is no exception. While it isn't expected to replace traditional communication methods in the short term, it does represent an additional support channel.

    LANDESK offers the service desk effective one to one real time chat, support and collaboration discussions on a many to many basis.

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  • Project Portfolio Management

    Increase Project Success Rate

    Many service and support organizations manage project portfolios or projects such as change and release, but they lack the appropriate tools or processes to stay in control of plans, execution, and budgets. In addition, juggling limited resources successfully demands a proper balance of projects and eliminating project conflicts through project portfolio management.

    LANDESK Service Desk offers service and support teams essential guidance to create the components to manage projects  or a project portfolio within the service management environment.

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  • Reporting & Information

    Demonstrate Business Value

    Service desks capture huge amounts of performance data points but still face challenges when asked to demonstrate value to the business because they do not have the visibility to do so. Without the ability to monitor, measure, and publish metrics about a service desk, there is no basis for improvement or worse still no information to support business decisions that affect your operations.

    LANDESK Service Desk gives context to service management and business decisions by providing greater visibility into how IT is performing against business goals.

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  • Integration & Automation

    Seamless IT Operations

    IT Service Management cannot run in isolation. It needs to integrate technology, people and processes to accurately remediate issues, fulfill requests and plan for future service delivery. Without integration, disparate systems create silos, impede operational efficiency and pose significant challenges for IT service desk managers. You must be able to better support your end user customers in reaching maximum productivity with a connected approach to infrastructure, data and people.

    As you work, LANDESK seamlessly connects you to systems, critical data, and distributed workforces.

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  • Beyond ITSM

    Transform Business Processes

    The service desk is not alone in its need to drive consistency. Many other departments are reaching for this common goal. With knowledge of LANDESK ITSM, you can bridge that gap and contribute to performance improvement in the wider business operations such as in HR, operations, or research and development.

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