LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite

Assessing your actual needs with IT asset management

Reclaim operational expenses, survive audits, and gain complete visibility of all your IT assets with the LANDESK® IT Asset Management Suite. We empower you to manage your technology to deliver exceptional business value.

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What is LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite?

The IT Asset Management Suite lets you know what assets you have, where they are, how they’re used, and how they’re performing for better decisions at any stage of their lifecycle. The solution helps you save operational expenses by reducing software overspend and eliminating unnecessary and redundant licenses. It also lets you share timely information with auditors that calculates effective software licenses and identifies who is using what and under what agreement it’s covered. Implement automatic processes to improve efficiencies and reveal more usable data on-demand.

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LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite capabilities

Know what to buy and when to buy it. Monitor software usage and purchasing to stay compliant and avoid overspending.

Reclaim unused software licenses automatically while maintaining control by targeting or avoiding specific users or user groups.

Access information about your IT assets from the moment they are purchased through their entire lifecycles to streamline business processes with common workflows.

Automatically import and track warranty, ownership and accountability data, along with recalls for assets like batteries, printer toner, and other consumables.

Import data automatically from vendors, resellers, manufacturers, and service providers with increased visibility into acquisitions and contracts for better vendor management.

Reports for executives, IT management, or for asset managers in their day-to-day jobs—accessible from anywhere, on any device.