LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite

Know your assets inside and out with IT hardware and software management

Reclaim unused software, respond faster to software audits, track lifecycle processes, and gain total visibility into your IT asset environment with the LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite. We empower you to manage your technology to gain the most from your hardware and software investments.

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What is LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite?

The IT Asset Management Suite integrates software compliance, software license entitlement, discovery, asset lifecycle management, and financial management into a single Asset Manager Workspace. Now you can visualize your ROI through a clean, business value dashboard. Enabling asset managers to know what assets you have, where they are, how they’re used, and how they’re performing for better decisions at any stage of an asset’s lifecycle.

The solution enables you to reduce software overspend and eliminate unnecessary and redundant licenses, saving you money. You can also implement automatic processes to improve efficiencies and reveal more usable data on-demand.

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LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite capabilities

Optimize your software by pinpointing who’s using what license, and ensuring it’s deployed in accordance with the license agreement to avoid true ups, curb virtual sprawl, and software overspend or underspend.

Automatically maintain spare parts inventory thresholds, track refresh, warranty details, lease and contractual information, and track any asset, including non-IT asset with a unique identifier, i.e. barcode, along with recall data.

Track your assets from requisition to retirement by creating automatic processes to order, prepare, assign, move and dispose of hardware and software assets.

Know what to buy and when. Monitor software usage and licensing to stay compliant and survive your next software audit.

Reclaim or decommission unused software licenses automatically while maintaining control by targeting or avoiding specific users or user groups.

Access and inventory all managed or unmanaged IP-enabled devices on your corporate network for an accurate picture into your asset environment.

Reduce manual data entry, eliminate spreadsheets and gain visibility into vendors with B2B connectors that import and track purchase orders, device types, contract information, and more.

Business value dashboard helps IT Managers visualize ROI and identify savings opportunities at a glance.

Protect valuable technology resources from financial and security threats by monitoring the hardware and software in your IT environment.

Automating Employee Asset Lifecycle Management

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 965,000 people in the Professional and Business Services Industry left their jobs in December 2014. Were these ex-employees offboarded correctly? Managing your asset lifecycles increases productivity, while decreasing your financial and security risk.

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Experience Speaks for Itself

Hear how George Leonard, IT Asset Manager at Sealed Air, identified a cost-avoidance savings of $958,000 in licensing fees within the first three months of using the solution.

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Hardware Asset Management

Hardware failures accounts for 53 percent of all data loss and systems downtime.* Managing and maintaining your hardware lifecycle assets reduces downtime and improves employee productivity.

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