Keep Your Data In Safe Hands – With Your Users

LANDESK Endpoint Security solutions offer numerous layers of protection for your data, devices and IT environment. In today’s environment of targeted attacks, you have to protect from every angle. If you’re going to protect your data and resources, you need at least the following layers:

1) Secure discovery and vulnerability scanning,
2) Data protection with encryption and antimalware,
3) Patching for OS and applications,
4) Policy and configuration management to maintain governance and control,
5) Proof of compliance and visibility, and
6) Process automation to ensure consistent application of security.

Key Benefits

  • Discovery and Inventory

    You Can’t Protect What You Don’t Know About

    Inventory/asset management helps organizations take control of IT assets through extended hardware and software inventory, compliance monitoring and maintenance planning. It also helps you:

    • Automate discovery and inventory of managed and unmanaged devices and systems
    • Remotely and securely discover and manage systems
    • Respond to audit and litigation requirements
    • Provide vulnerability insights
  • Anti-malware

    Powerful, Comprehensive Anti-malware

    Cyber attacks have become extremely dynamic and exponentially more complex. LANDESK Antivirus software delivers comprehensive anti-malware solutions that are powerful, efficient and easy to manage. LANDESK Antimalware gives you the ability to:

    • Deliver the fastest response times to minimize your risk of security breaches
    • Reduce cost and complexity with a centralized solution
    • Detect significant numbers of virus and malware instances missed by the “big three” solutions through advanced heuristics
    • Enable IT staff and executives to quickly see which systems are protected and which are vulnerable
    • Provide vulnerability assessments for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and HP-UX

    Learn more about LANDESK Antivirus Manager.

  • Data Protection

    Protect Your Critical Data

    Powered by five levels of policy-based, intelligent encryption technology, this encryption technology from CREDANT can be added to LANDESK Security Suite to increase your data's security, decrease internal and external vulnerabilities and minimize impact on operations. LANDESK Data Protection helps you do the following:

    • Establish and enforce policies governing encryption
    • Demonstrate compliance
    • Supports application performance and contain administrative overhead
    • Deliver a solution that's tansparent to end-users so you won't have to worry about decreased office productivity
    • Provides security and systems lifecycle management tools
    • Reduce administrative overhead by distributing powerful data encryption to all endpoints in your organization from one easy-to-use interface

    Learn more about LANDESK Data Protection.

  • Patching Applications and Systems

    Automatically Patch Your Mixed IT Environment

    LANDESK Patch Manager makes it possible to remediate thousands of systems with one task—and without saturating your network. LANDESK Patch Manager will help you improve your security as a result of the following:

    • Increase control over security, productivity inhibitors and compliance
    • Heterogeneous platform support – Full vulnerability detection and remediation for Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, and Mac OS X. This also includes vulnerability detection and reporting for systems running HP-UX
    • Patch anywhere – Increase your patching capabilities exponentially by combining LANDESK Patch Manager with the LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance to assess vulnerabilities and remediate issues and remote locations anywhere in the world

    Learn more about LANDESK Patch Manager.

  • Application Control

    A More Thorough Way to Protect

    LANDESK Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS) helps you thwart malicious attacks with behavior-based blocking that prevents applications from executing in malicious ways right on an individual host system. LANDESK Host Intrusion Prevention gives you:

    • Added assurance and knowledge that you’re equipped to prevent zero-day threats even before the fix is available
    • Increased efficiency, reduced training, and infrastructure costs with a single console solution for complete layered security
    • Precise control over what users can and can’t run on your enterprise systems.
    • Integrated console allows you to configure and manage your application control

    Learn more about LANDESK Host Intrusion Prevention.