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  • LANDESK Management Suite

    LANDESK Management Suite combines powerful tools that give you the control and flexibility you need to manage all of your IT assets—all from one easy-to-use interface. It provides a multitude of benefits in several critical categories including:

    • Enterprise efficiency and scalability
    • Software license monitoring
    • Software distribution
    • Remote control
    • Inventory management
    • OS deployment and profile migration
    • Power management

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  • LANDESK Mobility Manager

    Free 45-day Trial of LANDESK Mobility Manager

    LANDESK makes it easy to manage and secure any mobile device connected to your network including iPads, iPhones, Android, and other mobile devices. Its core functionality of discovery, inventory, and wiping devices provides perfect balance between those responsible for making IT policy and security, and those who need to stay productive outside your firewall in the cloud.

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  • LANDESK Security Suite

    Free 45-day Trial of LANDESK Security Suite 9.6

    LANDESK® Security Suite software offers a multi-layered approach to security that makes it easy to safeguard data and preserve productivity by securing enterprise devices. We secure IT resources from core and network servers to desktops, laptops and portable storage media—preventing data leakage, viruses, malware, spyware and other malicious attacks:

    • Integrated endpoint security
    • Compliance assessment and remediation
    • Device and application control
    • Advanced vulnerability assessment and remediation
    • Enforcement of Windows firewall and existing antivirus solutions

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  • LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager and LANDESK Process Manager

    Free 45-day Trial of LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager and LANDESK Process Manager

    LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager combines a structured asset repository with a state transition engine to trigger context-specific task automation that extends the management of your organization’s assets, starting before the asset exists and going beyond when the asset is retired. With it you can develop and implement a world-class asset management practice.

    LANDESK Process Manager automates business and IT processes, giving your IT organization the flexibility and mobility it needs to adapt to changing business environments. It’s perfect for a broad range of IT and business requirements such as service desk activity, PC lifecycle management, new-hire processes and more.

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  • LANDESK Antivirus

    Free 45-day Trial of LANDESK Antivirus

    An add-on to LANDESK Security Suite, our anti-malware and antivirus solutions brings world-class protection and single console simplicity to your endpoint security needs.

    With LANDESK Antivirus you can:

    • Reduce costs and complexity with a centralized, single-console solution that safeguards your endpoints
    • Detect significant numbers of virus and malware instances missed by the “big three” solutions
    • Empower IT staff and executives with a quick, easy way to see which systems are protected and which are vulnerable

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  • LANDESK Data Analytics

    Request more information of LANDESK Data Analytics

    Managing your hardware and software assets just got easier. Whether you’re involved in procurement, auditing, inventory, or all of the above, LANDESK can help you quickly gain control of your IT assets with almost no effort. Save time, money, and eliminate headaches by using LANDESK Data Analytics to manage all of your software and hardware assets.

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  • LANDESK SmartVue

    Try LANDESK SmartVue Today!

    IT departments need a simple view of their environment so they know what's happening at any given moment. Not only do they need to understand their data, but they also need to access it anywhere at any time.

    That's where LANDESK SmartVue comes in.

    SmartVue is a tablet-based application that provides dynamic, customizable dashboards of LANDESK performance across many LANDESK products. It gives IT departments a real-time view of what's happening in their IT environment based on time and location. Because SmartVue runs on a tablet or Smartphone, any business executive can now see the value of IT in the organization.

    SmartVue is a free app that's available for people running LDMS or LDSS 9.6. Just fill out the form on this page to start your download.

  • LANDESK Total User Management

    Try Total User Management Today!

    Why Choose LANDESK?

    1. We offer one price per end user—unlimited devices, including BYOD.
    2. The world’s fastest software and patch management.
    3. Our patented “Targeted Multicast” is the only solution for distributed users
    4. Easiest ITIL path for increasing end-user productivity
    5. An integrated solution for systems management, endpoint security, mobility and ITSM (premise, cloud, or both).

    Get all that and more with LANDESK Total User Management

    A single solution, LANDESK  Total User Management Suite brings together all the pieces of service management including: management intelligence, any user–any device–anywhere management, software, patch and OS delivery, plus endpoint security, software license management, compliance reporting, power management and hardware optimization for service improvement, control, intelligence and customer experience management to provide even greater business value.

    See what Total User Management can do for you: