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LANDESK Security Suite

Monitor and Restrict Access to I/O Devices with Device Control

The device control capability in LANDESK Security Suite is an important component of layered endpoint security that enables you to monitor and restrict the use of devices that allow data access to the device, such as ports, modems, drives, and wireless connections. Device control is one of the components of the comprehensive LANDESK endpoint security solution, along with the Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS) and LANDESK Firewall tools.

Manage Endpoints Without a VPN

With the LANDESK cloud solutions you can:

  • USB encryption policies—Control use of mass storage devices by making them read-only, blocking them entirely, or forcing encryption.
  • Advanced device management—Oversees access to drives, modems, USB and communications ports, bridging networks, and wireless channels such as 802.11x and Bluetooth.
  • Shadow-copy functionality—Monitors files copied to peripheral devices to prevent data leakage on CD-ROMs, DVDs, and other portable media.

Device control supports managed devices running:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista (32-bit, and 64-bit)
  • Windows 7

To implement device control on clients on your network, you create and deploy Device Control settings that manage USB, modem, I/O port, CD/DVD drive, PCMCIA, and other connections. By default, device control settings can restrict the various types of devices. You can use the advanced USB settings to restrict any USB device or class of devices that you specify. Among the devices you can restrict are:

  • USB devices such as drives, keyboards and mice, printers, and scanners
  • RIM Blackberry, Pocket PC, and Palm handheld devices
  • Network volumes
  • Bluetooth Personal Area Networks
  • Wireless 802.11x networks
  • Modems
  • PCMCIA devices
  • Serial, parallel, infrared, and FireWire 1394 ports
  • Floppy and CD/DVD drives

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