Gain insight and control over software compliance

Why risk failing a software audit? Manage your software licenses with minimal effort as you reduce costs and risks. With software audit tools from LANDESK you gain better visibility into your assets to establish effective licensing and ownership, and reduce license overbuying as a safeguard against audits.

Discover license assets

When used with software license monitoring tools, Business to Business connectors automate asset discovery by tracking your purchases.

Calculate effective licenses

The LANDESK rules and content engine in LANDESK Data Analytics combines the multiple End User License Agreements (EULAs) from each vendor with the upgrades, downgrades, or suite licensing. The engine matches the information to your entitlements to establish an effective software license, which can then be used to demonstrate your software license compliance.

Discover usage

Import LANDESK inventory, plus inventory from other sources, then analyze it.

Audit-ready reporting

LANDESK Software License Management creates reports you can hand to a license auditor based on the multiple licensing rules from agreements with each vendor.

  • LANDESK Management Suite offers basic reporting and a way to document your software entitlements and what applications are being used in your environment
  • LANDESK Data Analytics provides more advanced software licensing reports based on rules engines that calculate your effective license for each vendor

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