Eliminate data inconsistencies

Before data can be reported on, used in a process, presented to executives, or drive business decisions, issues of data integrity and consistency must be resolved. Apply internal data analytics rules to gain complete control over the quality of the data once it has been discovered.

Software license analytics

Analyze and compare existing software inventory with vendor software licensing information to produce a list of actionable software that is used in compliance calculations.

Data normalization

Resolve problems that occur when the same value has different versions. Similar names used for the same product are quickly recognized and grouped, simplifying identification and management.


Ensure all asset data is displayed in the correct record fields to reduce administration time.


Interrogate and resolve any attribute for validation, formatting, or location problems.


Using VBscript language you can perform any string or calculation, which is very useful for formatting text and mathematical calculations.

B2B Connectors and Data Management

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