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LANDESK Service Desk

Deliver Mission-Critical Services

LANDESK® Configuration Manager is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that helps your IT organization deliver mission-critical services, facilitate effective change management and support change planning, risk and impact analysis to maximize the uninterrupted delivery of services.

It can help you to understand what drives your key services, the status and cost of those services, and how to improve them to add value to the organization.

With LANDESK Configuration Manager you can:

  • Centralize the management of hardware, software, and network assets that are part of your key service delivery
  • Provide context for service management decisions by linking relevant configuration items (CIs) / assets in the IT infrastructure
  • Visualize and understand the structure behind business services for more informed infrastructure change

LANDESK Configuration Manager supplements and extends LANDESK® Service Desk, providing advanced change and configuration management as integrated functions of the service management platform.

Identify, Define, and Version Control CIs

LANDESK Configuration Manager allows significant configuration items to be identified, defined, and placed under version control. In addition, the solution allows relationships between CIs to be established, facilitating effective change management and supporting planning, risk, and impact analysis. It also federates CI data into a consolidated view that offers organizations a holistic view of any CI within the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

By combining a full-function Configuration Management Database, a process engine, and vendor-agnostic integration with leading systems management solutions, LANDESK Configuration Manager brings order, efficiency, transparency, and discipline to change control in the IT infrastructure.

Implement Best Practices

With LANDESK Configuration Manager you can:

  • Define important services and resources as configuration Items and bring them under change control.
  • Generate a consolidated view of all configuration items (CIs) within an organization from multiple sources.
  • Manage and mitigate risk by quickly identifying visually the impact that changes to a CI will have on the wider organization.
  • Improve efficiency of change processes through clear visibility of CIs and how they will be affected by the change
  • Improve quality of CI information through cross-correlation of data and de-duplication of CI records.
  • Demonstrate good IT governance and comply with requirements through CI history and automatic auditing.
  • Implement the ITIL best practices of configuration management quickly and easily.

Learn More

See what LANDESK Configuration Manager can do for you. Download the white paper Service Oriented Configuration Management or contact your nearest LANDESK representative for more information on how you bring order, efficiency, transparency, and discipline to change control in the IT infrastructure

Key Features and Benefits

  • Draws information from virtually any systems management tool, directories, applications, and other enterprise resources.
  • Data federation that automates CI data updates and provides data reconciliation.
  • Builds relationship structures dynamically using graphical “drag and drop” functionality or using rule based relationship builder.
  • Captures the relationships between CIs, revealing connections and dependencies between business-critical services and the IT infrastructure.
  • Generates CI structures automatically based on business rules and pre-defined relationships in the source systems that provide the CI data.
  • Initiates actions, such as remote control, directly from items in the CI structure view.
  • Facilitates access to historic CI versions.
  • Simplifies service management and compliance documentation
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