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Asset Management Tracking Software

Account for Assets and Ensure Their Effective Use

Automate Asset Workflows

Gain operational control and reduce risks by automating your workflows with LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager.

What is Asset Lifecycle Manager?

Asset Lifecycle Manager helps you drive both human processes and execute tasks in any network-accessible application. Boost efficiency and centralize control through automated responses to requests or events. Keep stakeholders informed of changes and connect tasks across operational silos and their unique applications

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Capabilities of LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager

Automated workflows
A feature-rich automation and process control engine supports and drives data integration, ITAM automation, and IT governance.

Structured asset data
Aggregate data from service desks, finance programs, systems management and more. Changes to data in one system can trigger automated updates to the data repository.

Asset relationship mapping
Visualize an asset’s lifecycle. Map the assets in your environment and how they relate to each other. Use lifecycle state changes to trigger automated workflows.

Immediate access to current, accurate asset data enables your business management, financial, and IT staff to provide more effective service.

LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager combines a structured asset repository with a state transition engine to trigger context-specific task automation that extends the management of your organization’s assets, starting before the asset exists and going beyond when the asset is retired. With it you can develop and implement a world-class asset management practice.

LANDESK Process Manager automates business and IT processes, giving your IT organization the flexibility and mobility it needs to adapt to changing business environments. It’s perfect for a broad range of IT and business requirements such as service desk activity, PC lifecycle management, new-hire processes and more.

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