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Account for Assets and Ensure Their Effective Use

Account for Assets and Ensure Their Effective Use

Every asset has a lifecycle. The key to effective IT asset management is knowing precisely where a particular asset is in its lifecycle—at any given moment—and whether it is providing value to your business. If you know the current state of an asset, then you can intelligently plan and budget for IT procurement activities, updates, replacements and other changes in an asset’s lifecycle.

Structure Your Asset Data

LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager enables operational control of hardware, software, and other assets, and ties them to organizational and financial information for strategic planning. This enables complex value and accountability management and ties asset data into your larger IT service management strategy.

You can also visualize the lifecyle by generating a visual map of the assets in your environment and how they relate to each other. Use this relationship data to view connections among assets, contracts, licenses, organizational units and report asset accountability across those relationships. Understanding the relationships among your many IT assets also gives you the tools, information and ability to support comprehensive software asset management, compliance reporting and cost recovery efforts.

LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager enables workflow execution in conjunction with changes in an asset’s attributes or lifecycle state. It keeps asset data fresh and relevant—and informs stakeholders of important changes. It captures the core data that organizations need to demonstrate immediate and significant value to their entire business.

Key Features and Benefits

Structured Data
  • Aggregate data from service desks, finance programs, systems management and more to enable a single view on asset context and accountability
  • Organize data by department or cost center to use in research and planning
  • Maintain a service history for each asset to help collect cost and maintenance data over time
  • Execute automated workflows in conjunction with asset change to keep related tools and databases fresh and to notify stakeholders of critical changes
Simplified Workflows
  • Enable asset requests that draw the latest data directly from the repository to ensure fact-based decision-making and approvals
  • Control the information that appears in each user’s interface according to that user’s role and scope to ensure data security and minimize accidental change
  • Connect hardware, software, license, discovery and entitlement data together so you can reconcile software entitlements against discovery for true compliance management
  • Access full audit history that tracks all status changes, actions, times, people and dates to enable accountability management and support both asset and change audits

Gain Control, Reap the Rewards

By developing and implementing a world-class asset management practice, you’ll be able to:

  • Discover, validate, reconcile and aggregate data from multiple sources into a central asset repository for cost control and accountability
  • Manage software license compliance, as well as regulatory, security, privacy and tax requirements
  • See the relationships among hardware, software, contracts, users and organizational units to enable comprehensive asset reporting
  • Track lifecycle states for each managed asset and use state changes to trigger automated workflows to ensure consistent execution of critical business processes
  • Maintain change histories across an asset’s entire lifecycle—including connecting to the service desk to generate incident and service histories
  • Maintain tight control over investment and aggregation of cost data
  • Allow your business management, financial and IT staff to provide more effective service with immediate access to current, accurate asset data
  • Keep data fresh with scheduled data sync from multiple sources and automated stakeholder notification when key data changes

LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager combines a structured asset repository with a state transition engine to trigger context-specific task automation that extends the management of your organization’s assets, starting before the asset exists and going beyond when the asset is retired. With it you can develop and implement a world-class asset management practice.

LANDESK Process Manager automates business and IT processes, giving your IT organization the flexibility and mobility it needs to adapt to changing business environments. It’s perfect for a broad range of IT and business requirements such as service desk activity, PC lifecycle management, new-hire processes and more.

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