Integrate LANDESK Software with Lenovo Hardware

Your organization relies on Lenovo ThinkPads, ThinkCentres, ThinkStations and ThinkServers to achieve your business goals. And because we want you to succeed, we're making our products more intelligent, more affordable, and easier to manage than ever.


With jointly engineered technologies such as LANDESK® Management Suite for ThinkVantage™ Technologies-a unique solution that delivers all the LANDESK Management Suite features integrated with an easy-to-use central console over all ThinkVantage Technologies and select Lenovo Partners.

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LANDESK Management Suite for ThinkVantage™ Technologies

Single-console management for all your assets including enhanced functionality for Lenovo Think Systems.

Integrating ThinkVantage Technologies with LANDESK Management Suite lets you do more. Not only do you get the best-in-class Lenovo PC lifecycle management capabilities, you can also:

  • Discover and track all your IT assets for usage, costs, and end-of-life management.
  • Distribute all software, applications, and images quickly and seamlessly
  • Comply with compliance audits quickly and accurately
  • Seamlessly integrated to manage configuration and policies of key ThinkVantage™ Technologies.

What's New:

  • Integrated Lenovo warranty information
  • Integrated Lenovo BIOS configuration
  • Lenovo Mobility Manager* add-on enhancements for discovery, inventory and device wipe.

All from a single console.

And once you're managing your Lenovo systems with LANDESK® Management Suite for ThinkVantage™Technologies, you can easily add other LANDESK management solutions to extend your systems and security management capabilities even further.

Take a free, 90-day test drive and see how this perfect blend of hardware and software technology can take your organization to the next level.

* Additional features supported by Lenovo Mobility Manager zero touch provisioning.

Lenovo ThinkManagement Console

Centralized inventory and reporting of Lenovo client hardware assets

The new Lenovo ThinkManagement® Console provides hardware discovery, comprehensive inventory, and reporting for Lenovo systems. It also integrates with industry-leading Lenovo ThinkVantage® Technologies and out-of-band management available on Intel® vPro™ enabled devices. And if you use a computer made by other leading manufacturers-relax-you can use it too*.

The Lenovo ThinkManagement Console provides the foundation for the following products, which you can use with a simple license activation:

  • LANDESK Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies
  • Lenovo Hardware Password Manager
  • Lenovo Mobility Manager with zero-touch provisioning
  • LANDESK Security Suite
  • LANDESK Patch Manager
  • LANDESK Antivirus

The ThinkManagement Console is available with a complementary license for all Lenovo Think Systems manufactured since January 2002 and see how easy it makes hardware discovery, comprehensive inventory, and reporting.

* A nominal licensing fee for non-Lenovo computers apply in addition to charges for support and maintenance regardless of manufacturer. Please contact your LANDESK or Lenovo sales representative for more information.

Lenovo Hardware Password Manager

Centrally managed data protection.

PC hardware passwords were created to provide another layer of protection for the PC and the data on the hard disk drive. These passwords have never been widely used because there is no management capability and no ability to recover from the "I forgot my password" problem. In the case of hardware passwords, forgetting the POP means replacing the PC motherboard. Forgetting the Hard Drive Password (HDP) means replacing the hard disk drive and loss of all data on the old drive.

There are now hard disk drives on the market that feature a native ability to encrypt all data written to the drive platters. This is automatic. The drives depend on the HDP as the mechanism for authenticating to the drive. The problem is that the HDP will not be widely used until it can be managed.

The solution to this problem is Lenovo Hardware Password Manager. This client-server application fits into an existing Active Directory or LDAP infrastructure. It can also stand alone. It gives your I.T. full control over the hardware passwords for all PCs under the control of HPM. Further, it creates the notion of a BIOS-level user ID and password for end users to use as a single sign-on proxy. This user ID and password can be synchronized with the Windows ID and password for user's who also have the option to authenticate themself to BIOS using fingerprint. With the system power on, users are asked for these credentials.

If they can provide them, the system will boot to their desktop. This mechanism preserves users' privacy and makes it possible for them to use the system, even though they don't know what the actual hardware passwords are. This solution creates new opportunities for a company to control access to their PCs and most importantly, to the confidential data stored on those PCs.