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Since 2000, Re-Source Partners has been a trusted provider for Asset Recovery and Disposal services for the enterprise marketplace. Our service offerings are specifically aligned to your organizational needs.  We accomplish this by fully understanding your IT Asset Management processes and working collectively with you to determine the most efficient means to process your hardware as it is being replaced.   We further align to your needs by exceeding environmental standards available in the marketplace, concentrating on quality, utilizing trusted standards and certifications, and a possessing ‘laser focused’ approach on securing and maximizing your IT investments.


Re-Source Partners specializes in providing world-class IT Asset Recovery, Disposal and Lifecycle services and is accustomed to integrating detailed, customized reporting that ensure that ALL asset data is properly tracked within the Landesk platform.  Re-Source Partners experience in the IT Asset Disposal and Recovery industry enables Clients to fully utilize the Landesk product to track the processes that take place after a hardware asset has been designated for “dispose” thus enabling transparent communication between IT and other departments including Operations and Finance.  Many IT organizations lack the ability to properly track IT hardware assets and the priority in doing so is often overlooked.  Re-Source Partners integration to the Landesk platform can provide an additional savings opportunity that often results in a 10% or greater reduction in IT hardware spend.  This ability to seamlessly report meaningful information providers Clients with a clear understanding of the value of their IT hardware inventory and offers tools to ensure that Client’s can protect and maximize their investment in IT. 


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