See What Arellia Can do for You!

Arellia protects enterprise Windows systems from advanced insider and external security threats through privilege management, application whitelisting, administrator rights management, and security configuration assessment and remediation.

With Arellia solutions, organizations can:

  • Protect against advanced persistent threats
  • Prevent insider abuse
  • Reduce operating costs

Arellia solutions protect Windows systems for global Fortune 500 and government organizations since 2006. Arellia is dedicated to customer success with years of large, proven rollouts across the globe.


Arellia privilege management enables applications that need Administrator rights to run normally for standard users and protects commonly exploited applications by reducing the privilege level of the application. 

Arellia can automatically manage privilege levels on all applications that are deployed via LANDESK. LANDESK provides software inventory, software deployment, and software patching, and Arellia manages the privilege levels of the applications providing a great balance of security and end-user experience (no user account control popups).

Arellia helps LANDESK deliver on user oriented IT by enabling organizations to implement least privileged access principles without changing the user experience to require administrator level passwords. Arellia application control policies can also be used to ensure applications that are not managed by LANDESK are run with reduced rights or even blacklisted.