Maintain complete, current and accurate 

hardware asset data

AMI AssetTrack® is a complete enterprise barcode and RFID asset lifecycle tracking solution that empowers you to maintain complete, current and accurate hardware asset data within LANDESK. AssetTrack® gives asset managers the tools needed to create and enforce custom asset tracking processes, including configurable, managed data collection forms accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere. All collected data flows through a powerful, customizable reconciliation engine before being saved in LANDESK, ensuring data accuracy and providing the asset manager with a single view of all collected data. 

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Common applications include: 

  • Automated receiving using barcode & RFID handhelds 
  • Rapid inventories and cycle audit with mobile devices 
  • Data center asset tracking with handheld and fixed-position RFID readers 
  • Fast IMAC updates with smartphones, tablets or browser interfaces 
  • Fast retirement and disposal 
  • Remote incident management 
  • Automated data imports 


The AssetTrack® Queue is a powerful engine through which all collected data flows, providing controlled access to the asset repository.  


AssetTrack® automates receiving new assets at the receiving dock with handheld barcode and RFID scanners.  


AssetTrack® automates data center hardware asset tracking via handheld RFID readers, cutting the time to perform data center inventories by an order of magnitude over manual methods. Technicians can use handheld RFID scanners or smartphones to quickly install, move or view racked asset information from Landesk. As with all AssetTrack® data collection, exceptions are instantly identified and resolved, resulting in 100% database accuracy. 


The best way to maintain accurate asset data is to get more users to capture asset changes. The AssetTrack® smartphone client enables every user in your organization to quickly scan, lookup and update asset information using the device already in their pocket. 


AMI AssetTrack Overview

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