LANDESK One Technology Partner Program

Solving tomorrow’s User Oriented IT challenges requires technology innovation, and strong partnerships. LANDESK One Partners provide solution integrations that will help customers tackle their most pressing issues and gain maximum value from their technology investments. If you are a solution vendor interested in joining the program, please register your interest here.


BUFFERZONE is a patented containment solution that defends endpoints against advanced malware and zero-day attacks while maximizing user and IT productivity. By isolating potentially malicious content from web browsers, email and removable media, BUFFERZONE complements existing endpoint security platforms to defend the organization from advanced threats that evade detection. BUFFERZONE includes a configurable bridge for transferring content and data safely between the container and secure network zones, and provides critical intelligence for enterprise-wide security analytics. Easy to deploy and configure, BUFFERZONE is a lightweight solution that works seamlessly with LANDESK to provide cost-effective containment for up to thousands of endpoints.


Arellia can automatically manage privilege levels on all applications that are deployed via LANDESK. LANDESK provides software inventory, software deployment, and software patching, and Arellia manages the privilege levels of the applications providing a great balance of security and end-user experience (no user account control popups)


CloudFuze is a leader in anywhere/any device content access and productivity. The CloudFuze suite of apps (Windows desktop, iOS, Android, web) provides universal access to content from more than 30 file storage repositories, including public cloud storage, private cloud storage, ECM systems, and private/on-premise storage. Productivity and collaboration features include rich file sharing, multi-storage search, and shared workspaces. Both device and storage repository become invisible so workers can focus on productivity. The CloudFuze apps are a strong complement to LANDESK Mobility Manager solutions and also the LANDESK Total User Management Suite.


five(9)s is a highly qualified technology provider specializing in client management and process design using LANDESK technology. five(9)s was one of the first LANDESK One partners and is fully committed to LANDESK technology. As a LANDESK technology partner we develop unique add-on solutions for LANDESK. Based on our deep LANDESK know-how, customer requirements and our long-term experience with LANDESK solutions, we design easy-to- use applications for the increasingly complex LANDESK infrastructure. Our solutions as e.g. five(9)s Console or five(9)s EMPA Service enable LANDESK User to do manage their LANDESK environment simpler, quicker, more reliable and more productive than before


Dashworks for IT migration is a revolution for IT project managers. No longer do they need to spend 50-60% of their time managing spreadsheets of infrastructure and asset readiness for migration - Dashworks does that job for them. Now they can concentrate on managing budgets, reducing business disruption, driving efficient logistics and accelerating project delivery. The Dashworks readiness traffic light system helps you prioritize how to get the project done. Understand what is ready to migrate, what is holding you up, and how you are tracking against plan.


For many years MarXtar has developed and delivered enhancement technology for LANDESK Solutions to streamline operations and to increase and extend functionality.

MarXtar State Notifier brings real-time & historical analysis of system Power, User Session, and Process State into the LANDESK system. Visibility of system availability at any point in time in graphical, list, and searchable form, enables distribution planning and superior planning of power management strategies. Alerting to system and session state changes allow for rapid response from Service and Support knowing when devices and users become available. Capacity Planning and Usage Analysis of real-time and historical application usage enabling accurate assessment of maintenance impacts and planning for virtualising of applications. Audit history enables clear understanding of access history of users and devices.

MarXtar Wake-On-WAN extends LANDESK into more accurate and resilient out-of-hours support for offline systems. Able to successfully traverse the subnet boundaries and when combined with MarXtar State Notifier also able to maintain subnet representatives in a dynamic model to ensure deployment capabilities and rapid availability of Multicasts Representatives within LANDESK itself. Waking, Delivery of Distribution jobs and control over shutdown, sleep, or reboot options (including only shutting down machines that were actually woken) make MarXtar Wake-On-WAN a powerful companion.

Used worldwide across a wide range of small to large enterprise LANDESK environments and many industry verticals, MarXtar products have a long and proven track-record and require no costly consultancy or lengthy deployment times.


Real-time understanding and analytics on what is happening at the endpoints gives visibility to how IT services are being consumed and if SLAs are really being met. These analytics provide the feedback that helps the organization know with certainty that the support and endpoint management functions align with the business objectives.

When Nexthink is used in conjunction with LANDESK, the additional real-time information provides the visibility needed for the operations and support teams to more quickly and efficiently plan and implement change management as well as diagnose and resolve incidents and problems.

noHold, Inc.

Smarter Self-Service for Your Help Desk

Albert (by noHold, Inc.) is a Virtual Agent with knowledge about the top issues affecting your help desk. Albert can be customized or provide ready-to-go answers for top issues such as BYOD, Operating Systems, and more. By partnering with LANDESK, Albert empowers your employees to self-serve and when necessary, escalate to LANDESK. The Virtual Agent conversation log is passed along with pertinent case detail to increase First Contact Resolution (FCR), while reducing costs and boosting employee productivity.


PrinterLogic is the world’s leading Enterprise Printer Management solution for server-less remote site printer deployments. With more than 1,500 customers in over 120 countries, PrinterLogic enables organizations of all sizes to eliminate print servers. PrinterLogic’s single integrated printer management platform is an on-premise web application that simplifies the management, migration, and deployment of printers while drastically reducing cost. For more information, or for a free trial, please visit


WinMagic provides the world’s most secure, manageable and easy-to–use data security solutions. WinMagic’s SecureDoc is a comprehensive encryption and key management product that can manage data security across the enterprise.