LANDESK Solutions for HP

LANDESK is HP’s preferred client management solution. The LANDESK partnership with HP allows us to work together closely to provide HP customers with the best client management and security solutions possible to optimize the capabilities of HP hardware. LANDESK helps HP customers increase control over IT resources, reduce risks associated with owning them, and boost productivity within the IT environment.

Client Management

HP Hardware Management

Advanced HP Hardware Management

The inability to manage your HP systems remotely can result in lost time, money, and productivity. Take full control and reduce the costs associated with managing and securing HP hardware assets. Use LANDESK for advanced HP hardware management, HP Thin Client, Retail Point of Sale (POS), and HP ElitePad [KM1] support or leverage the power of HP Professional Innovations.

Centrally manage and consistently configure desktops, notebooks, workstations, and retail POS. Finding and pushing out the latest drivers and updates from a single location couldn’t be easier. Receive proactive hardware health alerting on key conditions.

  • Experience powerful client management through a single console
  • Automate patch delivery and updates
  • Enable Trusted Platform Module
  • Prevent downtime with early warning and failure alerting of HP hardware
  • Apply HP updates automatically, including drivers, BIOS, and HP software
  • Proactively manage, monitor, and alert on HP Retail POS devices

HP Professional Innovations Integration

LANDESK is the preferred solution for delivering client management and remote policy enforcement for HP Professional Innovations software. Use HP Professional Innovations tools to centrally manage and implement power schedules with HP Power Assistant, access mobile broadband asset reporting, and automatically execute HP battery checks.

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Hardware Deployment and Migration

Provisioning and deploying hardware without disrupting user productivity can be a real challenge. Manual deployment and migration is time consuming, and if user settings and data are not preserved, user calls to the service desk will result. With LANDESK you experience faster, more reliable deployments.

Hardware Deployment

LANDESK dramatically reduces PC set-up time for HP business users while ensuring devices are configured consistently and cost effectively. There is no longer any need to stage PCs in the IT department.

  • Reduce costs and downtime through automated provisioning
  • Eliminate the need to physically stage PC deployment in the IT department
  • Ensure consistent device configuration

OS Migration

LANDESK cuts the time and frustration associated with migration. Reduce post-migration user issues and phone calls by taking advantage of customizable, process-driven migration capabilities.

  • Quickly migrate applications, personal settings, and data
  • Wipe data easily in preparation for device refreshes

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Mobile User Management

Keeping mobile users up and running as if they were right next door while safeguarding corporate data is a balancing act that challenges today’s IT managers. Let LANDESK help you manage your mobile users effectively from a central location; maintain your client configurations, distribute software, and control software licenses and costs.

  • Gain real-time device discovery
  • View accurate device inventory
  • Leverage location-aware policies
  • Use policy-based application and configuration control
  • Benefit from smart bandwidth usage

LANDESK client management and security solutions for the HP ElitePad let users leverage all of the powerful ElitePad capabilities without causing additional pain for IT organizations.

  • Manage HP hardware configurations and updates
  • Locate lost or stolen devices
  • Protect corporate data
  • Employ geographic policy based enforcement

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Power Management

Reducing energy usage and costs without impacting user productivity requires effective power management capabilities. Centrally define and administer energy policies per user or system, track high energy consumption, and evaluate the power and financial savings to measure the benefits of your power policy and qualify for power rebates.

Once you establish your energy policy and implement power management software from LANDESK, you’ll benefit from comprehensive reporting to measure savings from energy conservation policies, plus you’ll benefit from immediate cost savings through decreased energy consumption-saving up to $20 per PC annually.

  • Define power policies centrally
  • Deploy and manage policies by user or system type
  • Measure power usage (Kilowatt hours) and cost savings ($)
  • Estimate future power savings

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Remote Assistance

Reduce Desk-Side Visits

Reducing user downtime is a primary concern for IT organizations. Costs increase if IT staff must visit users to fix issues. Take advantage of powerful remote management capabilities from LANDESK to reduce desk-side visits and securely manage client PCs anywhere they are connected.

Keep Users Up and Running

Eliminate unnecessary shipping of PCs to IT. Trouble shoot and resolve IT client issues and get clients back up and running again quickly.

  • Experience complete control of remote systems
  • View and configure BIOS settings
  • Use remote wake / boot / app launch
  • Leverage Intel ® vPro ® out-of-band management capabilities, including:

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Security Management

LANDESK Security Suite

In today’s world of targeted attacks, you must protect your IT environment from financial risk and risk to your organization’s reputation. But how do you eliminate threats and data loss without obstructing user productivity? To better protect your users, their data, and applications, choose world-class endpoint security, patch management, data encryption, and vulnerability assessment from LANDESK.

The LANDESK endpoint security solution offers multiple layers of protection for your data, HP devices, and IT environment, as well as products that can help you demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards.

LANDESK provides extensive security for your corporate data through capabilities that include:

  • “In the Cloud” policy enforcement for governance and control
  • Mobile device security
  • Data protection with encryption and antimalware
  • Encryption
  • Superior application control/HIPS
  • Device control
  • Firewall
  • Compliance management

LANDESK Patch Management

Keeping up with the constant stream of security threats and patches is an ongoing drain on IT staff. Organizations must be able to research, evaluate, test, and apply patches across the enterprise easily and automatically. LANDESK Patch Manager makes it possible to remediate thousands of HP systems with one task-and without saturating your network LANDESK Patch Manager is integrated with LANDESK Security Suite and is available as an add-on to LANDESK Management Suite.

LANDESK Patch Manager helps you improve the following:

  • Scanning to reduce the risk of security breaches
  • Quick and easy remediation with scheduled tasks and bundle packages
  • Comprehensive patch control with visibility of all patches and ability to patch at anytime, globally
  • Automated, process-driven capabilities to distribute and install patches immediately
  • Effective analysis, reporting, compliance, and alerting capabilities