Readiness assurance for software license audits.

The pressure of license audits continues to increase. That means the top software asset management challenge facing IT is to ensure audit readiness and optimize software license allocation and cost. Ensure that your organization will pass its next audit and possibly save millions of dollars in the process.

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Did you know?

50% of companies
have been audited in
the last 12 months.1

The likelihood of a
software license audit
is up 60% from 2008.1

41% of all PC
software licenses
are unauthorized.2

Software licenses
represent 20% or
more of a company's
IT budget.3

1 Gartner, Inc. “Gartner Polls & Surveys Show an Increase in Software License Audits,” July 31, 2009

2 BSA, “Sixth Annual BSA-IDC Global Software – Piracy Study,” May, 2009

3 Gartner, Inc. “Optimize Software Licensing Costs with Software Asset Management," February 2, 2009

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