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Download the EMA Radar for Client Lifecycle Management: Q4 2011

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Of all the CLM products reviewed by EMA, LANDESK has provided the most comprehensive solution set on the market today and indicates it as an ideal platform for organizations needing extensive CLM automation capabilities. EMA concluded that LANDESK offers the broadest heterogeneous platform support, going beyond just Windows and Macs to include support for an impressive number of Linux, UNIX and thin client platforms. Additionally, LANDESK proved to natively provide collectively the most extensive support for the core management disciplines of CLM, including asset, deployment, patch, configuration, service and security management. Advanced support in areas such as virtualization, power management, and end-of-life management also stand out as differentiators for the product set. Further, since the solution set extends into providing support for server class endpoints, a singlepane-of-glass management platform is established for end-to-end systems management support. Fill out the form to read the report.  

Fill out the form to download the EMA Radar for Client Lifecylce Management: Q4 2011