Sun National Bank

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Regional bank serving New Jersey and Pennsylvania.




Systems Management, Security Management


  • Manually tracking inventory and patching PCs costs thousands.
  • $3,400 for flawed report.
  • Hired consultant to patch, prevent worm.


  • 1,000 Windows PCs
  • 70 Windows servers
  • 65 locations

Key Benefits:

  • Saves $224,000 annually in salaries and benefits
  • Continuous patch scanning provides 24/7 security
  • Eliminated manual audits which cost $3,400 per instance
  • Accurate inventory report generated in minutes versus hundreds of hours manually
  • Software asset management results in significant savings; the first license search saved $3,000

It would take four additional technicians to manually do what each of our four support people can now do with LANDESK. That’s four new hires we don’t need for an annual savings of $224,000 in salaries and benefits alone.

Gregory Pentz Business Systems Liaison, Sun National Bank