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A leader in sophisticated fundraising and enrollment management software.


Technology - Services


Systems Management, Service Management


  • Significantly reduce time and costs associated with manual management of network.
  • Incomplete inventory data affects budgeting and warranties.
  • Patching issues lead to potential risks.


  • 3,500 Windows PCs
  • 200+ Windows servers
  • 120 call centers in North America, Australia and Singapore

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates $15,000 a year in out-dated, out-of-warranty equipment costs
  • Eliminates $100,000 in travel costs for OS migration project
  • Automates most HR, Purchasing and other administrative services
  • Saves RuffaloCODY the need to hire additional employees in key nonrevenue departments with LANDESK automation

LANDESK has paid for itself several times over and is quickly becoming the hub of our IT department.

Korey Stillman IT Systems and Solutions Manager, RuffaloCODY