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Service Management


Key Benefits:

  • Perth & Kinross Council delivers efficient IT services to 9,000 users
  • Complete service management platform handles over 300 incidents and 170 change requests every week
  • Process and automation facilitate speedier incident resolution and reduce downtime
  • Flexibility and customization revolutionize product procurement process
  • Better change control saves money, improves response to FOI requests, and provides end-to-end audit trail of assets from procurement to disposal
  • Self-service both improves response times and saves valuable analyst time
  • Mobile Portal will allow for more flexible field work force
  • Accurate management information measures performance of IT against individual stakeholder SLAs

LANDESK provides a complete audit trail of our assets from procurement to disposal. At a glance, for all inventory items we have order details, installation information, warranty data, maintenance records and, where relevant, destruction certificates. This gives us the complete lifecycle history of all the council’s IT assets. In real terms, this means we save money by re-using what we have rather than waste precious resources on new equipment we don’t need. LANDESK is a powerful business and compliance tool.

Graham Ramsay Team Leader – IT Helpdesk, Perth & Kinross Council