Mohawk Industries

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The world’s largest flooring manufacturer.




Systems Management, Security Management


  • Reduce time to conduct inventory, software upgrades, and other management tasks.
  • Automated tool comes up short.
  • Deploying software takes up to 16 hours.
  • Laptop users installed software from CDs.
  • Bandwidth congestion affected user productivity.


  • 10,000 Windows PCs
  • 1,000 Windows servers
  • 400 locations

Key Benefits:

  • 95 percent of PCs are patched within seven days
  • 94 percent increase in productivity distributing software
  • Customized inventory reports help create more accurate budgets
  • LANDESK helps make time- and money-saving decisions during the recession

Before it could take up to 16 hours to distribute software. Now, a major deployment might take an hour. That’s a 94 percent increase in productivity.

Brandon Barnes IS Support Manager Mohawk Industries, Mohawk Industries