London Borough of Lambeth

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Local authority serving one of the most densely populated areas of London.


Government - Local


Service Management

Key Benefits:

  • LANDESK helps London Borough of Lambeth streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction and generate annual savings of £222,000
  • Self-service eliminates the need for email logging and reduces overall number of IT requests; 40% of calls, around 1,500 a week, are now handled online
  • Powerful LANDESK technology creates pioneering online portal for IT, Facilities and HR
  • LANDESK facilitates real-time interaction for 4,000 staff across the council and partner organisations
  • Single, integrated platform helps London Borough of Lambeth manage change and monitor performance of IT infrastructure

Lambeth’s ‘joined up’ vision is pioneering. We set ourselves the goal of providing realtime interaction and access to integrated IT, facilities and HR services in one place and online. LANDESK has genuinely helped us to make administration simpler, enabling us to reduce the cost of delivering a consistently better service and beat our own performance every quarter

Rob Miller Assistant Director Business Systems, ICT Services, London Borough of Lambeth