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Systems Management


  • Reduce time and costs of provisioning, inventory and maintaining PCI compliance.
  • Provisioning costs alone reach $33,000 a year.
  • Using several tools is frustrating and time consuming.
  • Complying with PCI standards.


  • 6,300 Windows PCs (5,300 of which are point-of-sale terminals)
  • 250 Windows servers
  • 826 locations in 23 states

Key Benefits:

  • 88 percent reduction in provisioning time and costs
  • Single console increases productivity
  • Reporting function speeds audits
  • Automatic patching and software updates reduce risk of potentially thousands of dollars in PCI penalties
  • PCI audits are faster and require less preparation time
  • Excellent support

It only takes 30 minutes to provision a machine, which reduces our provisioning time and costs by 88 percent.

Michael Driver Senior Technical Analyst, Discount Tire Company