Coates Hire

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Largest suppliers of equipment hire in Australia with over 200 branches.




Systems Management, Security Management, Service Management


  • 750 Roaming users
  • 2,200 Windows PCs
  • 250 Windows servers

Key Benefits:

  • Consolidates IT Infrastructure for ease of management with limited staff.
  • Replaces existing SCCM environment to reduce cost of ownership by over 50%.
  • Reduces service requests through Service Desk ticket. Manage 2,000 employees with staff with five; ability to do more with less.
  • Delivers a secure file integrity monitoring solution.
  • A single point of resolution for support.

It made business sense to go with LANDESK. Its solutions worked out to be far more costeffective for us to implement than the nearest competitors in the various technology streams such as security and service management. We also knew that we could effectively integrate LANDESK solutions with our existing IT environment, making it easier for our team to handle IT queries or updates with less training required and a central, integrated console to manage from.

Mr. Gerry Warren IT Operations Manager, Coates Hire