Broken Arrow Public Schools

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Sixth largest school district in Oklahoma.




Systems Management


  • Save time and money by eliminating manual IT processes.
  • Six months to build and roll out 1,000 PCs.
  • Two hours to image each PC.
  • Difficult to manage patches.
  • Manual inventory open to human error.
  • IT department must do more with less.


Key Benefits:

  • Refresh program saves $400,000 first 18 months and $150,000 each year thereafter
  • Saves $32,000 in cost avoidance imaging 1,000 PCs each summer
  • Inventory that used to take six months manually now completed in minutes
  • Solution pays for itself in first 18 months

The product paid for itself just with our refresh program. And while the refresh program alone continues to save us about $150,000 each year, the total annual savings in technician hours is incalculable.

Brian Daley Executive Director of Technology, Broken Arrow Public Schools