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Systems Management


  • Provide superior technology and support to caregivers.
  • A full inventory was not possible.
  • No standard PC settings.
  • Inadequate remote control tools.


  • 27,500 Windows PCs
  • 750 Windows servers
  • 250 locations

Key Benefits:

  • Technicians no longer take inventory and install software by hand.
  • PCs increased from 4,500 to over 25,000, but are managed with less technical staff.
  • Software-distribution and remote-control cost avoidance of $1.25 million a month.
  • Consistent desktop settings make PCs easier to support.

If an organization has 100 or more workstations, I don’t know how they can get by without an automated management tool. I know we couldn’t.

Dan Lutter Director, Field Technology Services, Advocate Health Care