Adams 12 Five Star Schools District

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The fifth-largest school district in Colorado.




Systems Management, Security Management, Asset Management, Mobility Management


  • Manual management adds cost and complexity.
  • Staff spends entire summer imaging PCs.
  • Only enough time to patch the most critical applications.
  • Manual inventory guarantees inaccurate results.


  • 15,000 primarily Windows PCs
  • 8,000 mobile devices
  • 300 VMware servers
  • Connects 48 facilities in the school district

Key Benefits:

  • One-price license, with unlimited users and devices.
  • One image versus 50.
  • 60 percent decrease in imaging time.
  • $150,000 in drive-time cost avoidance.
  • Pays for itself each year in power-saving costs alone.

Based on a study performed by several consulting firms that we called in to analyze our IT operation, they concluded that we were understaffed by 72 full-time employees. They couldn’t believe we were accomplishing all that we were with such a small staff.

Scott Capser Senior Systems Administrator, Adams 12 Five Star Schools District