LANDESK Modernizes IT through Automated Unified Endpoint Management and Security Enhancements

Upgrades to Core Offerings Give Users Streamlined Workspaces, Automated Rollout Projects and Secure Mobile Email

SALT LAKE CITY — January 27, 2016 — Furthering its vision to modernize IT, LANDESK today announced the release of LANDESK Management Suite 2016, LANDESK Security Suite 2016 and the introduction of LANDESK Mobile Security Suite 2016. These updates give users greater visibility, streamline security and increase automation to further empower users and simplify IT.

"LANDESK Management Suite and Security Suite are at the heart of our business and technology strategy. The underlying technologies not only help IT manage and protect the devices in their environment, but they also provide a rich data set that our service management and IT asset management offerings leverage,” said Duane Newman, senior director of product management at LANDESK. “This gives IT unparalleled visibility into what is happening in the environment, and it provides the underlying capabilities required to take action when change is needed. The 2016 updates extend those capabilities to natively support mobile devices, to improve access and visibility and to provide more automation capabilities than ever before.”

Unified Endpoint Management

LANDESK brings users a truly unified endpoint management (UEM) experience with Management Suite 2016. This product now offers full mobile device management capabilities as part of its industry-leading client management solution, allowing organizations to manage devices, packages and workflows for PCs, Macs, Linux, Chromebooks and now iOS and Android devices — all from a single interface and a single server. This allows teams to gather device-related data, quickly assess what is happening in their environments and to streamline management workflows to automatically deliver the appropriate software to each platform.

This simplified administrative workflow allows system administrators to target individuals or groups with specific policies or packages, with UEM capabilities that ensures each device gets the necessary changes and apps. For more security-focused organizations, the new LANDESK Mobile Security Suite comes as an add-on to the UEM platform.

Expanded Workspaces

As part of this movement to modernize IT, LANDESK has also improved and expanded the functionality of its Workspaces platform across the portfolio. These improvements empower organizations by providing an intuitive, role-driven experience that changes the way users interact with their tools, and offers a clean, simple user interface. This streamlined approach makes it easier to ensure devices are properly managed without impacting end users.

In addition to other enhancements, Security Suite 2016 introduces LANDESK Workspaces for the Security Admin, which helps connect security and IT operations by providing a view, which highlights the security posture of the devices on the network, and helps prioritize remediation opportunities. It gives deep visibility into devices so admins can see what needs to be patched or where they may be vulnerable.  

Automated Rollout Projects

LANDESK further empowers IT by providing features in Management Suite 2016 and Security Suite 2016 that automate the rollout process of both large and small software projects, including software deployments and patching. This feature simplifies repetitive software distribution projects by automating staged rollout processes to progress from smaller pilot groups all the way up to enterprise-wide distributions. It also improves project visibility with a built-in Gantt chart and automated emails, making project timelines simple to manage from within the tool.

Secure Mobile Email, Application Wrapping, Secure Mobile Browser

LANDESK’s Mobile Security Suite delivers several advanced mobile technologies, including secure mobile email, which provides users with protected access to corporate email and any attachments from personal mobile devices, using the native email client for each device type. The solution also gives users secure access to content, such as calendars through the user’s preferred email application.

Along with secure email, Mobile Security Suite also includes app wrapping, which secures corporate native applications and associated data from data leaks and possible malware exposure from end users’ personal applications. The suite also introduces secure web browsing for mobile devices, providing users with easy access to internal corporate websites and intranets without the need for a VPN or additional log-ins and passwords.

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