LANDESK Establishes Strategic Partnership with Lenovo

Perfect combination of software and service enables perfect IT management

Beijing, China

LANDESK Software Inc. - a world leading provider of system lifecycle management, endpoint security and IT service management solution - today held "Perfect Combination Enables Perfect Management - Media Conference for Strategic Cooperation between LANDESK and Lenovo" with Lenovo - a global PC market leader - in Beijing. Both companies will expand strategic cooperation in the development, technical support and service consulting of IT desktop management solution by taking full use of the world leading desktop management technology of LANDESK and wide coverage, powerful penetration and agile response advantages of Lenovo to provide the advanced and efficient IT management solution, as well as professional and convenient IT management service for a wider range of Chinese enterprise users. The participant of the conference includes: Lin Lin, General Manager of Service Business, Lenovo Emerging Market Group, Sun Ximing, Chief Strategic Consultant of Service Business, Lenovo Emerging Market Group, Steve Daly, President and CEO of LANDESK Software Inc., Andrew Ruse, Vice President of LANDESK Asia Pacific, and Sun Youji, General Manager of LANDESK Greater China. 

With the development of technologies and the popularization of applications, computers have become the work platform of employees in all types of enterprises, so the operating efficiency of the computer terminal will affect the productivity of employees directly. In reality, high autonomy of the terminal use may cause various kinds of failures easily, which may bring serious damage. Now, more and more enterprise users recognize the important of IT desktop management, and they are in urgent need of highly efficient IT management solution to simplify and automate IT desktop management comprehensively, and help them control the risk and improve the productivity. However, due to vast territory of China, how can we provide effective help for enterprises to enable them realize highly efficient IT desktop management? This requires not only the leading technical solutions, but also professional service support with wide coverage and solid strength. 

Based on common understanding of China's desktop management market demands and vision, LANDESK establishes strategic partnership with Lenovo Service to develop "Lenovo Desktop Management Suite" for China market. This solution is built on IT desktop management technology and solution of LANDESK which have been widely used in the world, and it incorporates the insight of Lenovo Service into Chinese users' demands. LANDESK will provide one-stop marketing, deployment and support service through Lenovo Service to reach a wider range of customers and making the use and subsequent service of the user simpler and more efficient. 

Lenovo Desktop Management Suite consists of six best management functions: the device discovery, asset management, software distribution, patch management, remote problem resolution, reporting and registration dashboard. It can implement dynamic management of the desktop lifecycle, so it can not only address the demand of companies for IT desktop management, but also extend the management function and the number of customers managed as needed with the growth of the company to maximize the return on IT investment. 

As a global leader of the desktop management technology, LANDESK utilizes single console, lightweight architecture and ITIL solution to manage and control the endpoint computing innovatively, helping customers to turn IT into the business value. Moreover, with leading IT system management approach and powerful R&D strength, LANDESK provides leading mobile device management solution and application-oriented cloud environment management, and keeps innovating the development of adaptive cloud environment architecture to meet the endpoint management demand of customers in upcoming mobile computing and cloud computing age. Now, LANDESK solutions have brought significant return on investment for thousands of customers in the world. According to "Gaining Business Value and ROI with LANDESK Software" research report issued by IDC, ROI of LANDESK customers reaches to 698% on average within three years after then deploy LANDESK solution; and average payback duration of initial investment is only 5.1 months. 

Lenovo IT management service is committed to helping release Chinese CIO and IT personnel from multifarious desktop IT operation and maintenance tasks to focus on core business, so as to improve the information level of companies, while reducing IT operation and maintenance cost. IDC analysis shows that Lenovo Service is the desktop IT operation and maintenance service provider which can meet the requirement of local companies best, because: first, Lenovo business is based on China with a market share of 1/3 in China PC market, and has a profound understanding to IT product applications; next, Lenovo Service has built nearly 3,000 service workstations in China, covering 2,287 cities at or above county level, so this provides a unmatched support platform for both enterprises having branches across the country and a large number of small and medium sized enterprises; in addition, the industry leading eCare service model, professional project management office (PMO) and optimum IT support service flow of Lenovo Service provide powerful guarantee for professional, efficient and secure Lenovo desktop IT management service. Lenovo has gained rich experiences from providing comprehensive information system operation guarantee in large-scale international events including Beijing Olympic Games, Expo Shanghai, etc. 

 LANDESK has been cooperating closely with Lenovo. Lenovo is one of premium global strategic partners of LANDESK, and both parties have comprehensive cooperation experiences in terms of the product R&D, technical integration and marketing. This cooperation of both parties in the desktop management area combines the world's leading desktop management solution of LANDESK with wide coverage and strong service capability of Lenovo Service to benefit Chinese enterprise users, helping them obtain high-quality desktop IT management service in time through wide network of Lenovo Service, and realize core value more effectively. 

"LANDESK is pleased to cooperate with Lenovo to help Chinese enterprises improve core competition with IT. China market is significant in LANDESK development strategy, so we want to cooperate with leading partners in China to understand the customer's demand and latest trend, and help Chinese users solve real-life IT management problems with innovative solution. The strategic cooperation with Lenovo Service can make Chinese enterprise users enjoy the advantage brought by the leading IT desktop management technology and solution easily through extensive network and technical strength of Lenovo Servcie." Said Steve Daly, President and CEO of LANDESK Software Inc. 

"Lenovo Service today is transforming towards IT service solution provider by undertaking initiatives aggressively in IT management service, value-added service and mobile Internet area in order to become the No. 1 desktop service provider in China. The strategic partnership with LANDESK combines the world's leading desktop management technology of LANDESK with powerful local service capabilities of Lenovo successfully to drive the improvement of the desktop management capability in China, help companies control the cost effectively, while improving IT operating efficiency. At the same time, the launch of Desktop Management Suite drives the business development of Lenovo in the desktop service area, and will help Lenovo realize strategic objective of becoming "No. 1 in desktop operation and maintenance outsourcing service market in China" more quickly." Said Lin Lin, General Manager of Service Business, Lenovo Emerging Market Group. 


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