LANDESK Software Opens Interchange 2010

President and CEO Steve Daly Outlines Company Vision and Strategic Direction; Enabling IT to Gain Control of Exploding Heterogeneous End-User Computing Environments

LAS VEGAS and Interchange - October 11, 2010 -  LANDESK Software President and CEO Steve Daly opened Interchange 2010, LANDESK's customer and partner conference, outlining the company's vision and strategy designed to accelerate LANDESK's profitable revenue growth and solidify its leadership position in delivering an integrated portfolio for simplifying the management of desktops, servers and mobile devices across the full spectrum of an organization's IT environment.

Recognized as a global leader in systems lifecycle management, endpoint security and IT service management, Daly addressed the crowd for the first time since becoming a standalone company in September.

"Our mission is to continue to innovate throughout our key solutions with the goal of enabling IT to deliver business value by gaining control of end user computing - and in doing so create value for our shareholders, employees, customers and partners" said Steve Daly, President and CEO, LANDESK Software. "We have the people, current market position and future insight that no other company can match. These strengths, combined with our singular focus and expansive resources to innovate, will enable us to extend our leadership into the next decade."

LANDESK has been at the forefront of innovation in systems lifecycle management and a leader in providing solutions that expanded to incorporate the full spectrum of endpoint protection and IT service management. In outlining the company's continuing long term product roadmap that addresses process management, extending the enterprise and delivering user focused solutions, Daly centered on key initiatives targeted to address the challenges in the growing chaos created by increasing mobility, heterogeneity and more demanding end-user computing environments.

Expansion of management environments for mobile devices:  Leading companies project there will be fifty billion IP connected devices in the world by 2020. Driven by the rapidly growing adoption of personal devices like iPads, iPhones, Blackberries and Android-based devices and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, LANDESK will provide the capability to detect and secure mobile platforms including iOS, RIM, Android and Windows CE. As part of this effort, LANDESK introduced LANDESK® Mobility Manager as part of the release of the newest versions of the LANDESK® Management and Security Suites. The first set of enhancements include the ability to discover devices at the point where users access and consume corporate data and take action by removing data from a single device or from all the user's devices. Future enhancements will be targeted towards the ability to secure, provision and control mobile devices.

Process automation of the management environment:  LANDESK estimates that as much as 30 percent of IT operational costs can be attributed to redundant and repetitive tasks and the failure to document and adhere to IT best practices. As part of Interchange, LANDESK highlighted a solution model that provides the ecosystem for process and automation to come together, allowing for complete flexibility and adoption by IT organizations based on their respective IT maturity levels - spanning four separate levels including single solutions that leverage tools to solve problems at hand, common management solutions for policy enforcement, process management solutions for active management, and business alignment solutions for creating IT business value.

In order to address these various levels of IT maturity, LANDESK will be delivering IT process automation solutions as part of the LANDESK® Management Automation Platform comprised of four areas - a content and resource center designed to be a facilitator of the use of content, best practice process automation templates based on industry standard and current user's management best practices, software development kits that enable cross product utilization of functional objects registered with the service layer, and connectors designed to enable processes to be constructed between any of the industry's top ERP, CRM, Service Management and other applications.

Through an open architecture approach, the LANDESK Management Automation Platform enables process automation initiatives to be implemented across various IT functions and solutions including LANDESK Management Suite, LANDESK Security Suite, LANDESK® Asset Lifecycle Manager and LANDESK® Service Desk as well as other leading IT management solutions.

Continued delivery of solutions that leverage process management, extend the enterprise and deliver user focused solutions:  LANDESK demonstrated updated capabilities of LANDESK Management Suite 9 and LANDESK Security Suite 9 that showcased new LANDESK Mobility Manager features. The new releases announced today offer a simplified management infrastructure that will include new dynamic reporting and role-based administration enhancements fully integrated in the console, enhanced software distribution and license monitoring capabilities, additional native support of the Win32 console on Windows 7 to ease Windows 7 migration efforts, and updated antivirus and anti-spyware engines and Device Control Management (DCM) and software management.

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