Tom Davis, Exec. Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Tom Davis is responsible for driving the creation of new IT and mobility management solutions and setting and executing the direction of LANDESK engineering teams, including architecture oversight, engineering processes, product testing, and project management. At Celio Corporation, Davis served as CEO where he was instrumental in transforming the company from a hardware business to software for mobile computing devices. Previously at Celio he was executive vice president of engineering and collaborated with senior executives to formulate the company strategy roadmap. He’s also served as vice president and Chief Platform Architect at Avocent Corporation, vice president of engineering at LANDESK Software, and 11 years at Intel Corporation where he served as engineering director and CTO of the Software Products and Services Division. Davis holds a B.S. degree in electronics engineering technology from Brigham Young University, with continued education at Cal Berkley and Cal Tech. He also served in the United States Air Force and was an honors graduate of the USAF Technical Training.