Social Media and America’s Favorite Cookie

Charles Darwin once said, “In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” Social media has emerged as perhaps the most effective way to collaborate with both people and businesses, and allows individual voices to be heard loud and clear. But how do we use it? What can it do for me as a customer, and what does it do for me as a business?

Let’s take a look at Oreo cookies. With over 26 million “likes” on Facebook, 40,000 followers on Twitter, and a fan base to make the Yankees look like an Alaskan little league team, Oreo has skyrocketed to the top of social media influence. Yet with such a huge following, you won’t even find a store locator or drop ship option on their Facebook page. In fact, most of the content on the page is provided by Oreo lovers, cookie junkies, and double stuffed addicts. That’s because Oreo understands what social media is about: community.

Though perhaps not as delicious as a milk-soaked cookie, LANDesk has focused on being the very best at listening to the voices of our partners and customers. As part of this mission, we have begun to use social media as way for us to interact with you. We want you to get a better look at what we believe in, and we want to know your LANDesk story. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Connect on LinkedIn, and expect to see us lending our expertise in blogs and news articles. Our vision is for you to see exactly what makes LANDesk so exceptional. Your voice is the life-blood of our business.

Did you patch 1400 machines in the time it takes to eat a meatball sub and down a can of Mountain Dew? Do you have a funny story about accidentally distributing Cut the Rope to executive staff? Have you reached superhero status in the eyes of your desktop users? (See the LANDesk Man video below that one of our customers put together.) Let us know about your LANDesk experiences. Let’s grow together, because we can.

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