Video: Adaptive Settings in LANDesk Management Suite

LANDesk Management Suite has a new feature called Adaptive Settings. Adaptive Settings allow you to control the way a device behaves based on its physical location. To see a demo of how Adaptive Settings enables devices to change their behavior based on their physical location, watch the video below.

Geofencing with the HP ElitePad

Did you know LANDesk Security Suite can be used to customize the HP ElitePad? This allows organizations to confidently purchase the HP ElitePad knowing that they can change its security posture based on its location. The administrator can “geofence” an area which results in a behavior change on the device. Some examples of behavior changes include: available applications, interfaces, peripherals, device locks and security scans. These options can be used to create a wide variety of security policies. Both the devices geographic coordinates and/or IP address can be used in determining the security policy. See how this works in the video below.

LANDesk HP Videos

In 2011 LANDesk and Hewlett Packard signed a partnership agreement. This partnership provides HP customers with solutions that help them quickly and efficiently solve IT issues that result in lost time, money and productivity. You can now purchase LANDesk solutions from HP. Also, as part of the relationship, LANDesk has strengthened support for managing HP devices and technologies.

Software updates include support for the following:

  • HP Power Assistant
  • HP Connection Manager
  • HP Battery Check
  • Trusted Platform Module  (TPM)
  • Softpaq Deployment (drivers, BIOS, firmware, chipsets, and HP Software Updates)
  • Retail Point-of-Sale
  • S.M.A.R.T. Alerting

Each of these areas are explained and configured in the following four videos:

LANDesk: HP Professional Innovations—Shows you how to implement Power Policies on HP Devices. The management of power supplies and broadband cards is also covered.

LANDesk: Patching HP Devices—Discusses the automation of patch management and how to deploy HP Softpaq updates which include: BIOS, firmware, drivers, chipsets, and HP software updates.

LANDesk: HP Device BIOS and TPM Management—Learn how LANDesk Management Suite can manage HP devices. Specifically demonstrated are deployments of BIOS updates and enabling Trusted Platform Modules on devices.

LANDesk: Managing HP Retail Point of Sale Devices—Discusses the gathering of inventory data for peripherals on Point-of-Sale devices and monitoring RPOS health with LANDesk Alerting and Reporting.

These videos are available on the LANDesk YouTube channel  as well as the LANDesk Partner Portal.