Are You a Endpoint Management Skeptic?

Are you a skeptic?

Douglas LeBlanc from Oldcastle, Inc. was.  He was at a tradeshow in Biloxi, Mississippi and accidently attended a LANDesk presentation.

“I decided to stay once the presenter started listing all the pain points that LANDesk addressed,” LaBlanc said. “I was facing the same issues. I was skeptical at first, because often when a vendor says its product does so many things, it usually doesn’t or doesn’t do them well. But after talking to some of the customers in the room, I took the next step and the rest is history. We installed LANDesk® Management Suite on a pilot basis and saw significant results so quickly that we immediately bought licenses for the rest of our nodes.”

Some of Oldcastle Inc.’s pains included:

  • Fast growth
  • Manual IT processes
  • Having to do more with less
  • 200 tickets in the queue
  • 30-minute average resolve time
  • Time consuming upgrades
  • Automated point tools didn’t cut it
  • Other solutions too complicated to use
  • 3,000 mobile users
  • False positives
  • Defenseless in software audit

If you’re facing any of the above pain points, take if from LaBlanc and talk to a LANDesk representative and say goodbye skepticism.

Read the Oldcastle success story to learn more.


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